Introduction: My Personal Blog

Hi, I’m Yann. Here is my personal blog.

Why this blog

I hesitated for a long time, considering that I would have nothing valuable to share. I still believe it. But after reading some blog articles like this one from Rachel Thomas: I decided to do it. At the end, it’s like sharing my personal notes in a more structured and detailed way that I can use for self-branding. And I believe taking notes about my readings is important. In my job, I really make effort to keep myself up-to-date. I care about delivering state of the art practices and models to our customers. The main reason is obviously because they deserve it but also because it is the most exciting part of engineering jobs. So to sum-up, my goals are:

  • Improving my skills and increasing my knowledge
  • Keeping notes
  • Sharing information
  • Self-branding

Who am I targeting as readers

Since it is a technical blog, mostly ML/DL related people with a quite high technical level would be interested. I’m not planning yet to write content for true beginners. And even simple content should be used for bringing more advanced ones.

What will be the content?

For now I’m thinking of difference types of articles: machine learning (ML) (specially computer vision related but not only), IoT (mainly Nvidia Jetsons but will try to use other types of devices), and distributed systems (HPC, cloud, etc). In terms of machine learning, I recently decided to strengthen my knowledge by:

  • following a roadmap of the main deep learning papers since 2006
  • reading the ‘classical’ ML books
  • taking detailed (new) papers notes This blog will be the opportunity to share some outputs of this new learning strategy. I also have few personal projects. They are mostly good reasons to play with new things that I cannot practice in my job. I will probably add new type of articles in the near future, depends on my job workload mostly.

The technical aspects

This blog is hosted on gitlab (thanks to them! Amazing company!) and is running on Hugo. It has good support of latex and jupyter notebooks.

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